What is Tsukemono?

At our Issaquah sushi restaurant, you can order up a delicious tsukemono appetizer.  Not many Americans are familiar with this dish, but it is a very important part of the Japanese dining experience.


Tsukemono is a broad term Japan uses to describe a series of pickle dishes, similar to the Korean concept of kimchi.  Pretty much any vegetable and even a few fruits can be made into tsukemono, with popular varieties including the Japanese daikon radish, cucumbers, eggplants, carrots, cabbages, ume plums, shallots, ginger, and water lily root.  These pickled vegetables will often be combined with meat and seafood for preservation and flavoring.


In Japan, almost every meal is going to be accompanied with tsukemono in one form or another.  The Japanese enjoy them for their health benefits, their great taste, and their palate-cleansing powers.  Try tasting a bit of tsukemono between sushi rolls in order to get the best out of each different sushi’s flavor experience!