What is Tataki?

Tataki, also known as toso-mi, is a form of Japanese salad made with different type of meat or seafood. The chosen protein is quickly seared, marinated in rice vinegar or mirin, and then cut into thin slices. It is traditionally served with scallions and fine pieces of ginger.

It is from this ginger that the dish derives its name. “Tataki” translates to “pounded”, describing the fact that the ginger was traditionally pulverized with a mortar and pestle before serving.

This dish first came about in the 16th century. The island of Shikoku served as the point of entry for early foreign visitors to feudal Japan, so the grilling technique used in tatake was first introduced here. A renegade swordsman by the name of Sakamoto Ryoma is said to be the inventor of an early form of tataki.

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