What Does it Take to Prepare Sashimi?

Many people don’t think that there is much to sashimi. After all, isn’t it just a small, uncooked piece of fish? It may seem like anyone could prepare such a dish, but the art of making sashimi is one that itamae need to practice for a long time before they can do it properly.

The challenge with sashimi is that it needs to be cut with exact precision. It’s simple enough to cut a normal-sized fish fillet, but the tender fish flesh can break easily on a smaller scale. It takes a lot of training for an itamae to apply a knife with the delicate touch it takes to cut the fish in a visually-appealing fashion.

On top of this, it takes training for an itamae to select a proper cut of fish for the sashimi, and know how to best bring out its flavor. For example, certain parts of the tuna fish are best cut in thick pieces, while the more powerful tuna belly should generally be cut thinner.

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