Tuna and Mackerel Populations in Jeopardy

As the human population has continued to expand throughout the globe, many animal populations have suffered as a direct result. Indeed, little has felt the sting of overconsumption and pollution quite as much as many of our ocean-based animals, who are harvested from the water in large numbers even as we poison their environment. In an effort to monitor the damage that is being done, the World Wild Fund for Nature publishes its Living Planet Report every two years; recently, it followed up its 2014 report with a special edition to get a better look at some of our more important populations, including the tuna and the mackerel.

According to this special edition, there are fully seventeen species of these two fish that have dropped by roughly 74% over the course of the past forty-five years. As tuna represents one of the ocean’s most prominent commercial fish, this could have unfortunate implications for sushi lovers worldwide. Further, though many might not miss mackerel as much as their favorite tuna-based dishes, this fish represents an important food source for the tuna, and its decline can only contribute to that of the larger predator.

If places like our sushi restaurant in Issaquah, WA are going to continue to provide patrons with quality seafood, responsible fishing practices and environmentally-conscious living will be key. Be on the lookout for ways in which you can support sustainable seafood.