The Year of the Monkey in Japan

Though Japan generally celebrates the new year according to the Gregorian calendar nowadays, the country has a long tradition of following the Chinese lunar calendar. Indeed, in certain parts of Japan, New Year’s Day will not be celebrated until February 8th. It is on this day that they will be ringing in the Year of the Monkey.

People who are born during a Year of the Monkey are known to possess many of the qualities associated with the animal for which the year is named. They are inventive, intellectual, and very playful. They have a penchant for pranks and jokes, which are generally well-intentioned. When they can finally apply their energies to something productive, they almost always find success; most of them are drawn to careers in science, the arts, sales, or management. Monkeys are most compatible with Oxen or Rabbits, and least compatible with Tigers or Pigs.

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