The World’s Largest Sushi Dish

Most of the sushi you see is probably fairly small. However, there are really no limits to how large sushi can get. It can come in the form of a robust fusion roll, a hearty bowl of chirashi sushi, or even a truly prodigious roll, like the one you can find at Umewaka Restaurant. This restaurant, found in Anjo City in Japan, holds the record for the largest sushi dish commercially available.

Umewaka’s record-breaking sushi comes in the form of a roll of twenty centimeters in diameter. It weighs in at a whopping six kilograms. To create this roll, the chef combines twenty different types of fish and other classic sushi ingredients in two meters of nori seaweed and sushi rice. You can enjoy this roll for yourself if you ever make your way over to Japan, but only if you plan ahead. The world’s largest sushi dish can only be ordered if you make a reservation at least two days in advance.

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