The World’s Deadliest Sushi

At our Issaquah sushi restaurant, you can try many exciting types of sushi with a wide range of special ingredients. However, there is one famous kind of sushi you’re not likely to find. This is the sushi made from the fugu, or pufferfish, well known for being the most dangerous kind of fish to regularly be served in sushi form.

The fugu has a poison found in some of its organs that is potentially lethal to humans. If a chef is so much as scrapes the wrong organ with a knife during the process of extracting the sashimi, his customer could pay the price. In Japan, you are only allowed to work with fugu if you undergo an even more rigorous training and certification process than is normal for the average sushi chef, after which you are required to taste-test your own product! This fish is so dangerous that the Emperor himself is barred from ever eating it, due to the risk involved.