The Wonders of Kimchi

If you’ve ever heard anybody talking about Korean food, you’ve probably heard something about kimchi. This is the most iconic korean dish, and one of Korea’s biggest health secrets. If you’ve never had it before, you can try it out for yourself at our Issaquah Japanese restaurant.

Kimchi may not seem like much, generally coming in the form of pickled cabbage in Korea’s signature red pepper paste, but it truly is a remarkable food. Koreans will rarely go a meal without it, finding themselves craving it like an addict when they find themselves in a foreign country for more than a few days. There could hardly be a better addiction to have, of course, as kimchi has been labeled one of the top five healthiest foods in the world. Science has shown that it may play a key role in Korea’s exemplary health, including the record low obesity rate and low instance of certain cancers. It’s even exhibited an ability to cure chickens of avian flu!

You can get a hearty bowl of kimchi and noodles in the form of Aji’s own kimchi ramyun. Come give it a try today!