The Rise of Sushi Robots

Japan is a big place for sushi. The country consumes so much sushi, it can sometimes be difficult to fill the demand. Rising to the challenge, some companies have brought in an unconventional chef: the sushi robot.

The first sushi robot was created by a company called Suzumo back in 1981. Decades later, after numerous fresh innovations, they are putting out robots that are capable of preparing one sushi roll every twelve seconds, or about 4,000 sushi rolls in a single hour. Though a human operator is required to run the machine, one only needs to feed the machine the ingredients it requires to make the sushi.

Of course, the traditional human itamae is not going anywhere anytime soon. Most of the sushi robots are going to places that need quantity of sushi over quality, like supermarkets, school cafeterias, and sports arenas. Diners who are looking for a rich variety of artfully-crafted sushi rolls are better served by the human touch. Come and experience the taste of quality, hand-made sushi at Aji Sushi today!