The Perfect Balance of Bibimbap

A proper meal in many Asian traditions is rich in symbolism, preferably representing all five of the traditional colors. The Korean bibimbap is a good place to see all five colors in a single dish. These colors, and the directions and organs they stand for, are as follows:

  • Black: Black or dark-colored food, like shiitake mushrooms or dried nori, are representative of the kidneys and the North.
  • White: Rice and other white ingredients stand for the lungs and the West.
  • Red: Red or orange food, like gochujang pepper paste or carrots, stand for the heart and the South.
  • Green: Green foods, like cucumber or leafy vegetables, stand for the liver and the East.
  • Yellow: Yellow items, which including potato and the yolk of the egg found in dolsot bibimbap, stand for the the stomach and the Center.

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