The Nature of Sake

Nothing beats a good glass of sake. That’s why we stock our Issaquah Japanese restaurant with this favorite Japanese beverage, ready to make every night special with the the brew’s distinct, satisfying taste. But what kind of liquor is sake, exactly?

Though brews like sake are frequently referred to as “rice wines”, there remains some question as to whether or not “wine” is an appropriate designation. On one hand, sake is made from a fermented grain, which puts it in league with the beer family. It also doesn’t benefit from being aged the way conventional wines generally do, and is best enjoyed within a year of bottling. On the other hand, its non-carbonated nature and its taste make it feel more like a wine, and its average alcoholic content of 17% is more in line with the wine family.

Ultimately, reasonable people could go back and forth for hours as to what kind of liquor sake is. Should you ever feel the need to join the debate, you’re always free to take a seat and grab a glass at Aji Sushi and Grill!