The King of Salmon

The salmon is no normal fish, and the king salmon is no normal salmon. Also known as the chinook salmon, this exceptional fish has been dubbed with the title of “king” due to the fact that it is the single largest variety of the salmon genus Oncorhynchus, native to to the North Pacific Ocean and the river system of the North American Pacific coast.

The king salmon is a prized catch. For the sporting fisherman, landing a fish of such size is a worthy accomplishment. For the commercial fisherman, it is a valuable piece of seafood to put on the market. Though some populations have been indicated as endangered, reduced fishing of the king salmon and a robust salmon farming system has helped to push many groups up to sustainable levels, assuring that future generations will be able to benefit from the great taste and strong nutritional value of the prodigious fish.

At our sushi restaurant in Issaquah, you can enjoy sushi made from king salmon. Prices vary according to the current market activity.