The History of the Avocado

The avocado has a long history with human civilization, dating back to when it was first discovered in Mexico around 291 BC. It was a common food item and aphrodisiac for the Aztecs, though it was initially dismissed by the early Spanish explorers of the region as a tasteless food.

Avocados weren’t cultivated in the United States until 1833, and then only in small groves in Florida. It would not be until the early 1900’s that the fruit became available as a commercial crop. At first, it was only enjoyed by residents of the states where it was grown, these being Florida, California, and Hawaii. It would eventually be popularized as a salad item in the 1950’s, and made its way throughout the country. Finally, conditions were right for Japanese chefs in LA to introduce avocado to the sushi world in the form of the first California roll.

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