The Festival of Tanabata

According to ancient Chinese legends, the seventh day of the seventh month is when the celestial bodies of Orihime and Hikoboshi are allowed to cross over the celestial boundary of the Milky Way that separates them and finally meet. Japan marks this occasion with a celebration known as Tanabata, or the Star Festival.

During the Star Festival, the popular Japanese custom is to erect a bamboo tree in public places. It is on such trees that the public will hang small pieces of paper called tanzaku papers, upon which they have written down their wishes in the hopes that they will come true.

Depending on where you go in Japan, this festival is either held in July or August, depending on which calendar the region observes. Whenever it is celebrated, it is a time of colorful fun and festivities. Come and recognize the occasion for yourself at our Issaquah sushi restaurant!