The Delicious and Abundant Amaebi

At our Issaquah sushi restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious piece of amaebi off of our nigiri sushi menu. The amaebi shrimp, commonly known as the sweet shrimp to English speakers, is a highly recommended sushi option in regards to both its great taste and sustainability.

The sweet shrimp is known to be the only shrimp that is best served raw. This is because the sweet taste from which it gets its English name can be easily ruined when the shrimp is cooked. This makes amaebi ideally suited for sushi. As an added bonus for the environmentally-conscious diner, sweet shrimp are known to be a highly abundant species. Natural amaebi populations are strong enough that Seafood Watch rates them as a “best choice” for sushi. Come and enjoy the great taste of amaebi at Aji Sushi tonight!