The Benefits of Clam Meat

If you need a strong source of protein, the meat of the clam is a good choice. A serving of only 100 grams of clam can give you over half of your daily recommended value of protein, all with a low fat and calorie content. It’s iron content comes out to about 155% of your recommended value, making it an even better source of iron than beef.

In addition to its protein content, many clams offer a rich supply of various important nutrients. Among these are selenium, manganese, vitamin C, copper, potassium, zinc, and various B vitamins.

Since clams represent a low rung on the food chain, you can generally expect clams harvested from the wild to have a low mercury level.

When discussing environmental impact, clam remains a favorable option. Most clams rate either “best” or “okay” in terms of the sustainability of their wild populations and the environmental effects of harvesting them.

At our sushi restaurant in Issaquah, you can enjoy the benefits of the clam in the form of our mirugai giant clam sushi, or our hokkigai surf clam sushi.