The Terrific Bluefin Tuna

A Million Dollar Fish: Pacific Bluefin Tuna

The terrific bluefin tuna is an apex predator from the moment of hatching, feeding on salmon, mackerel, swordfish, saury, sharks, squid, anchovies and other tunas as well. Built for speed and agility, adult bluefins are just too big and fast for killer whales and sharks to catch; bursting at 30mph speed. They roam the Pacific Ocean from East Asia over to the Northwest coast of the U.S., actually thriving in temperate zones, being somewhat warm-blooded. They can regulate their body temperatures to suit the surrounding waters, hence, they are far-reaching and can survive in both cold and warm open seas. Hunting by sight, they have one of the sharpest vision of any bony fish.

The Pacific bluefin is large and torpedo-shaped with retractable side fins, many reaching 10 feet and weighing 1,000 pounds. Considered mature at 5 years of age, some can live 25 years but averaging 15. They spawn in the area near the south of Japan and the Philippines from April to June, and commercially fished from May to October. They migrate over 6,000 nautical miles to the eastern Pacific, eventually returning to their birth waters to spawn. Highly prized for their meat, about 80% of Pacific bluefins caught worldwide is destined for the sushi restaurants of Japan.

Eaten raw, the bluefin is very tasty due to its high fat content. However, it is not advisable to cook it as it leaves a fishy taste and odor. There is no canned tuna, except for albacore and yellowfin tuna as all bluefin tunas are mainly caught for the sashimi and sushi market. Annually, at auction markets, bigtime restaurateurs pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the first catch of the season, for publicity and good luck.

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