Teaching How To Eat Japanese Dishes

How To Eat the Top 6 Japanese Foods

Aren’t we so familiar with “bon appetit!” In Japan, it is customary to say the same, but it goes differently. We say “itadakimasu”. It literally means “to humbly receive” or “to thankfully receive food.” With this in mind, we are most certainly ready to eat Japanese the way the Japanese do.

As steamed rice goes, cradle the base of the rice bowl with 3 to 4 fingers in one hand with your thumb on the side. Use chopsticks to pick up small portions from the bowl, which should not touch the lips but just a short distance to the mouth. For the bowl to touch your lips is considered poor manners. Also, please do not pour soy sauce, mayonnaise, chili peppers or chili oil directly over steamed rice in your rice bowl.

Now miso soup. Sip the broth from the bowl supporting it with both your hands, or you can also use one hand, similar to eating steamed rice.To eat the other solid ingredients of the miso soup, use chopsticks, but the bowl should still be cradled in one hand and lifted closer to your mouth.

To eat sashimi, use chopsticks for each piece, dip into a separate dish of mixed soy sauce and wasabi. Do not lift the soy sauce dish off the table or pour soy sauce all over the sashimi. To eat nigiri sushi, simply pick up a piece of sushi with the fingers, dip it in the soy sauce and then eat it in one bite.

For tempura, add the grated daikon radish and freshly grated ginger first into the tempura dipping sauce then enjoy it. If salt is served with the tempura, simply dip the tempura into the salt or sprinkle some of the salt over the tempura, then enjoy.

It is culturally acceptable, not impolite to slurp Japanese noodles. Hot noodles are eaten directly from the bowl with chopsticks. A large spoon can lift the noodles and drink the broth with the free hand. Tsuyu is poured over cold noodles served in a shallow bowl with different toppings and is typically eaten from the bowl. If cold noodles are served on a flat plate or over a strainer, with a separate small cup, fill the cup with dipping sauce and eat the noodles out of the small cup.

Finally, say, “gochisou-sama” which in Japanese indicates that you are full and have enjoyed your meal, and that you are all done!

Learn, Eat, Enjoy in Issaquah

With these simple tips to follow, you’re ready to eat Japanese as the Japanese do. Come over to Aji Sushi in Issaquah and learn more. Best of all, enjoy!