Tamago: A Mark of Eggselence

Have you ever tried a tamago sushi? This classic nigiri selection can be found at our Issaquah sushi restaurant. It’s an unassuming sushi, but a highly significant one in Japanese dining culture. After all, this simple sushi was historically used as a gauge of a sushi chef’s skills.

The tamago is a Japanese omelette, one which is fairly tricky to make with traditional means. The chef first combines egg with sugar, rice vinegar, and occasionally soy sauce and sake, then folds a thin layer of the omelette over and over again to achieve a delicate, flaky texture. Japanese diners used to start off their meal by ordering the tamago nigiri, believing a well-made tamago to be the hallmark of a good sushi chef and a poorly made tamago to be a sign that they should dine somewhere else.