Spam Enters the Sushi World

People have experimented with putting a lot of fascinating ingredients in sushi for a long time. All forms of seafood have made their way into a sushi roll at some point, along with a wide selection of vegetables, fruits, sauces, and grains. You can try many engaging varieties at our Issaquah sushi restaurant, though nothing quite as odd as the emerging phenomenon of spam sushi.

As bizarre as it may seem, a number of upscale sushi restaurants have been putting this well known lunch meat into their dishes. In some Hawaiian restaurants, where spam is king, the meat is grilled and served up with rice and nori, nigiri-style. In other places, it is paired with a variety of supplemental ingredients in the form of a sushi roll. Whether this is a passing fad or a new wave of the future remains to be seen, but for now it appears that people are embracing spam sushi with open arms and open mouths!