Saying “Thank You” in Japanese

Do you ever wish you could express your thanks to your sushi chef in the appropriate, Japanese way? Japan has a rich lexicon for gratitude, offering you numerous ways to say “thank you”. What follows is a short list of some of the more common expressions, and the best contexts in which to use them:

  • Arigato: This is the standard expression, roughly the equal of saying “thank you”.
  • Domo: The Japanese use this thank-you in more informal, less polite situations, such as between friends.
  • Domo arigato: You use this phrase in more polite situations. It is similar to saying “thank you very much”.
  • Domo sumimasen: This very polite term is used while one is dining or otherwise actively engaged in an activity for which you are thanking another person.
  • Domo arigato gozaimasu: An alternative way to say “domo sumimasen”.
  • Domo arigato gozaimasta: Similar to “domo sumimasen” or “domo arigato gozaimasu”, but said after the completion of a meal or activity, rather than during such activity.
  • Oishikatta desu: This is the Japanese way to say “it was delicious”, commonly said to a chef following a meal.

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