Salmonella: Should We Worry?

Over a million Americans every year are affected by salmonella, resulting in about 19,000 hospitalizations and 380 deaths. Last year, the nation experienced a number of salmonella cases linked with a certain shipment of raw tuna from the Osamu Corporation in Indonesia. Eleven people who ate from the tainted batch went to the hospital with severe symptoms. So, what does this mean for your own sushi habit?

It is worth noting that the sushi linked to these salmonella cases was all purchased from grocery stores and workplace cafeterias. Such places are sometimes more prone to having their sushi sit out in the open for extended periods of time than a reliable sushi restaurant is. Not only are you getting a better taste from the sushi found at our Issaquah sushi restaurant, but you’re getting it fresh, made with fish that has been stored and handled with the best sanitation practices. When you’re craving sushi, make the right choice and pay us a visit at Aji Sushi for some of your favorite Japanese dishes.