Ordering Sushi in Japan

If you’re used to ordering sushi in a place like our sushi restaurant in Issaquah, the experience of ordering at a restaurant in Japan may seem very strange to you. One thing that throws many foreigners in Japan is that some restaurants, particularly the very high quality ones, don’t have a sushi menu. So, what do you do?

In such cases, you may be eating omakase, or according to the whims of the sushi chef. After all, there is an understanding that the chef knows best, and has the best understanding of which of his or her ingredients are currently at their best. This may seem like a risky venture, particularly if you have allergies or dietary concerns. Fortunately, your chef should be open to accommodating your needs; in fact, it’s considered a faux pas to not inform the chef of any dietary needs beforehand.

Dining at a sushi restaurant in Japan can be quite the experience. Until such a time that you are able to make it across the ocean, though, you can always count on Aji Sushi to deliver a quality sushi meal. Join us for a few of your favorites tonight!