Keep Those Sushi Rollin’!

Sushi rolls represent the favorite variety of sushi, not only within our Issaquah Japanese restaurant across the United States. For many, the classic roll shape is the most iconic image associated with Japanese food. It’s no mistake that fusion or “American-style” sushi is generally done in roll form: the Boston roll, the Crunchy roll, and of course the California roll that got the whole trend rolling.

The Japanese word for a sushi roll is makizushi, often written as “maki sushi” in English. This literally translates to “roll sushi”. Among maki sushi, there are two distinct variations: the standard maki-sushi and the uramaki. You can tell the two apart based on where the seaweed is wrapped. If the nori is wrapped around the roll, it’s a regular maki sushi roll. However, if the nori is wrapped around the main ingredient of the roll but is inside the rice, it is uramaki. These “inside-out” rolls are mostly an innovation of the fusion sushi movement, and are more common outside of Japan than within.