Japan’s Favorite Sushi

When you’re looking for an authentic Japanese sushi experience, it can pay to know what kind of sushi the Japanese themselves favor. If you’d like to try eating like the Japanese do when you visit our Issaquah sushi restaurant, try out a few of Japan’s favorites off of our menu.

Asahi surveyed a group of over eight hundred people above the age of twenty from all over Japan, inquiring as to what their favorite kind of sushi was. The top three choices proved to be chutoro (medium-fatty tuna) with 15.3%, sake (salmon) at 9%, and maguro akami (red tuna) at 8.8 percent. These were followed by selections like uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), hamachi (yellowtail), ika (squid), and others. You can find many of these favorites and more at Aji Sushi, so come and get a taste of Japan’s most beloved sushi selections for yourself!