Japanese Rice Bowls

The rice bowl is a classic dish throughout much of Asia. At our Issaquah Japanese restaurant, we have a delicious selection of rice bowl dishes including the chicken bowl, the beef bowl, the eel bowl, and more.

In Japanese, a rice bowl is called a donburi. This word is simply the word for “bowl”, but it has come to describe the classic dish as well. Though donburi comes in many forms, it generally consists of a bowl of rice topped with some variety of meat, and sometimes vegetables. Teriyaki, katsu, shrimp, unagi, all of these are common donburi toppings in Japan.

The name of a donburi dish is usually made by taking the word for the meat that is being used and adding the “-don” suffix to the end. “Katsudon”, for example, might be used to name a donburi topped with katsu. Similarly, “unagi donburi” is shortened to “unadon”. And if you see “tendon” on the menu, don’t worry: this is rice topped with tempura.