Japanese and Korean Cuisines: World’s Healthiest

Asian Neighbors and Common Cuisine

A US-based global movement named Oxfam reported that not only are Japanese and Korean cuisines two of the healthiest in the world but also are outstanding where healthy eating habits and food availability are concerned. Both have common basic elements, like rice, vegetables, meat and fish, contributing to some of the longest life expectancy in the world.

While Korea is famous for its variety of side dishes, Japan is known for her soups. Both involve slow food cooking generally and are quite unlike the growing fast food trends in the West, even if lifestyles in metro areas have been fast-paced. There is no rushing East Asian food. Even the eating styles are different – Asian dining is about eating together and sharing, not individualistic. Japanese and Korean meals mean variety and customization, there’s something for everyone. In contrast, Western meals are one-menu sit-downs.

Note that the use of chopsticks; they contribute to eating more healthy. You tend to concentrate on the food, slow down and lose some of the weight. Smaller plates not only provide you differing varieties, allow you to soon finish your meal, not necessarily stopping because you’ve already emptied your plate, as Westerners do. In Japan and Korea, you finish when you are not hungry anymore.

Look at what makes these East Asian meals so healthy. Firstly, they use fermentation that keeps the enzymes, vitamins, probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids intact. Thanks to their soybean meals, tofu and soymilk for their wealth of iron, calcium and proteins, while staying low in carbs and fats. Vegetables are a major part of Asian diet as well as their vitamin-rich rice.

They use condiments that are low in sugar and fat content. They much prefer nuts and dried fruits for snacks, and not chips and chocolate bars. Finally, helping your weight, health and digestion are Japan and Korea’s natural alcoholic beverages and their much-loved green tea.

Balance is what Japanese and Korean cuisine is all about, a balanced mix of vegetables, protein, and grains, some oils, sauces, and fruits. It is little wonder why theirs are two of the healthiest cuisines in the world.

Experiencing Asian Delights in Issaquah

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