Japan Introduces Butter to the Sushi World

When you think about the food you least expect to find in your sushi, butter is probably high on your list. However, a restaurant in Japan recently unveiled a new menu option that introduces butter to the sushi world. Jinen, a sushi restaurant in Osaka, is now serving unagi butter sushi, which comes in the form of a piece of familiar freshwater eel nigiri topped with a thick pat of butter.

Apparently, this butter sushi is making quite a splash with diners. Online reviews describe the sushi as “melting in your mouth”. “I could eat this every day!” said another satisfied customer. With the warm reception the buttery unagi has been receiving, it’s not unlikely that this culinary oddity will soon become available in Japanese restaurants throughout the country, and maybe even the rest of the world.

With or without butter, unagi is a hearty sushi favorite and a good choice for sushi first-timers, known for its ability to deliver quick energy. You can enjoy the great taste of this delicious grilled eel at Aji Sushi in Issaquah today!