Is it Really Safe to Eat Raw Fish?

Though sushi has spread throughout the US since its introduction last century, some people remain leery of this cultural phenomenon. Such people are frequently concerned about the prospect of consuming raw fish. If this is what’s keeping you from sampling the fare at our Issaquah sushi restaurant, then allow us to reassure you about the safety of sushi.

The first thing to realize is that sushi restaurants are held to strict health standards. The storage of fish, the handling of fish, and the quality of fish are all of the highest grade. Fish that is intended to be used as sushi is prepared and stored directly out of the water, to remove the chance that the fish’s intestines will leak parasites into the surrounding meat. Eating raw fish at a halfway decent sushi restaurant is no more dangerous than eating fried fish at any other establishment, and it’s probably a lot healthier as well.

It’s also worth noting that most sushi is made from saltwater fish. Saltwater is naturally harsh to microbes and parasites, so there are far fewer concerns regarding fish taken out of the ocean. When the meat from a freshwater fish is used for sushi, like the unagi, you’ll find that this fish is invariably cooked first.