How to Use Chopsticks

Though sushi is traditionally a finger food, a lot of people prefer to use chopsticks at our Issaquah sushi restaurant. After all, a lot of fusion rolls are too messy to use your fingers, and too fragile for a fork and knife. So, if you’re still fumbling with your sticks while you try to eat your sushi, try following these simple steps:

First, you need to hold your sticks the right way. Your first chopstick should rest under your thumb, held in place by your middle finger. Pick up the second stick on top of this one, holding it as if it were a pen. If you’re new to chopstick use, try gripping the sticks closer to the tips for a while, and then hold them further back after you develop a proper gripping motion.

To pick up your food, start by holding your sticks at a forty-five degree angle with your plate. Practice applying an appropriate level of pressure with your grip. Your grip should be strong enough to hold the food and yet not so strong as to cause the sticks to scissor and send your morsel flying. You may want to hold your dish directly under your face for a while as you gain confidence with your technique.

Good chopstick use comes down to practice, so try it out the next time you come to Aji Sushi. After a couple visits, you should be using your chopsticks like a pro!