How To Tell if You’re in a Bad Sushi Restaurant

Not all sushi restaurants are created equal. Some places will offer you high-quality, authentic Japanese dishes crafted by a passionate sushi chef, while others will give you poorly-made and potentially unhealthy menu items. Though it can be difficult for the layman to tell the difference, here are a few red flags:

  • The Restaurant Smells Fishy: You don’t want to eat sushi in a place that may not be entirely sanitary.
  • The Tuna is Too Dark: As tuna ages, the meat oxidizes and turns brown. If your tuna is browning around the edges, it’s probably been sitting around for too long.
  • The Fish is Wet: Meat does not like moisture. If your fish isn’t reasonably dry, it is encouraging bacteria to thrive.
  • Sushi is Poorly Displayed: If the restaurant has a display case, take a good look at it. Does it look sloppy? This is not a good sign.
  • Chefs Use Regular Knives: A sushi knife is a special instrument that better allows a chef to control how thick he or she cuts a piece of fish. It’s hard to get the same effect from a regular chef’s knife, unless it is particularly sharp.

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