How To Eat a Low-Sodium Sushi Meal

Many of us need to reduce our sodium intake in order to avoid heart disease, strokes, and other health concerns. Unfortunately, sodium can sneak up on you in many forms, particularly when you’re trying to dine out at a restaurant. So, is it possible to get a good sushi meal at our Issaquah sushi restaurant while on a low-sodium diet?

If you like sushi, and are trying to reduce your sodium levels, the news is good. Most sushi is very low in sodium, particularly the unadorned nigiri sushi. For the most part, the only sodium is coming in the form of the salt used to cook the sushi rice; on average, a chef will use a single teaspoon of salt to cook twelve cups of sushi rice. If you avoid high-sodium ingredients, you can easily enjoy a full sushi meal with only about 200 milligrams of sodium.

There are a few things to avoid on the average sushi menu. One of these is unagi, which is generally made with a sodium-rich sauce. Further, you may want to stay away from anything covered in sauces that you’re not sure about. Finally, use your soy sauce sparingly.