Going for your First Sushi Meal

Are you getting ready for your first sushi meal? If you come down to our Issaquah Japanese restaurant, you’ll be able to take the plunge properly with our selection of great, rookie-friendly sushi. Even if you’re squeamish about the prospect of eating raw fish and roe, we’re confident that you can find something to help you ease yourself into the experience until you’re ready to tackle the harder stuff.

The first thing to realize about sushi is that it doesn’t necessarily contain raw fish. You can get a feel for the food by trying out some of the vegetarian rolls, like the cucumber roll or the apple roll. After this, take a step further with some of the fried fish rolls, like the crunch roll, or the unagi nigiri, which is made from roasted eel meat. Imitation crab, like the kind often used in California rolls, can help to simulate the experience of eating raw fish, even though it is made from pieces of steamed of white fish. Try a plate or two of these, and you should be working your way through the entire menu in no time!