Galbi: Korea’s Delectable Ribs!

Aji has more to offer than Japanese food. If you’re ever passing by our Issaquah Japanese restaurant and you’re intercepted by a sweet, meaty aroma that you’ve never encountered in a sushi restaurant, come on in and ask for galbi. There’s a good chance that it’s exactly what you were looking for.

Galbi (sometimes spelled “kalbi”) is the Korean word for ribs, describing the kind of meat that the dish is made from. It comes in many different varieties and is served in many different forms, but is generally famous for a savory marinade made from soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, garlic and sugar. Not only is this preparation delicious, it’s grilled in such a way as to be relatively low in fat for a red meat dish. Come give it a try at Aji Sushi today!