Facts You Probably didn’t know about Japanese Food

Japanese etiquette, chopsticks, and more…

The popularity of Japanese dishes embraces the whole known world and the cuisine is not only praised for its beautiful presentations, but also its unique flavors and tastes. A few exciting facts about Japanese food make for great conversation at the table. Aji Sushi spills a few for your delights.

Ever heard of the Japanese slurping their food while dining? It’s not bad manners to them at all. It’s a sign that you appreciate the food served to you, if you slurp. Besides, you want to cool down some hot foods before you start eating them. Another similar tidbit is this: do not leave your chopsticks straight and upright in your rice bowl. It’s not good manners. They only do that if it is in memory of a deceased loved one or is a sign of impending doom.

Did you know that you’ll find the world’s most expensive fish in Japan? Almost 80% of bluefin tuna caught in the world is used in sushi and sashimi, especially in exotic dishes. Someone paid a hefty $1.7million for the first catch of the season last 2013, the highest ever. Now as far as seafoods go, Japan is the world’s largest market for fresh, frozen, and processed seafood selling over 700,000 tonnes of seafood each year. Topping it all, the country’s food has been adjudged as one of the Top 3 best cuisines in the world by the United Nations cultural organization. The principles of preparation and eating of Japanese dishes have proved vital to the survival of Japan’s traditional culture and holistic way of life.

Sushi and Sashimi Cravings in Issaquah

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