Eating Sushi on a Diet

If you’re looking to lose weight, there’s no reason that sushi can’t remain part of your diet. Most sushi features high quality nutrition, pairing lean protein with the omega-3 fatty acids that will help clean out your circulatory system.

Though some sushi has the potential to be fattening, a good many pieces offer a healthy, low calorie meal that can fill you up and satisfy your cravings. Sushi to avoid includes eel, tamago, and futomaki or any other rolls that are covered in mayonnaise and sauces. Alternatively, look for nigiri sushi made with ingredients that feature a low fat content, like albacore, halibut, red snapper, and shellfish. Use soy sauce sparingly if you are concerned about your sodium intake, and pair your meal with a cup of green tea to boost your metabolism.

When you have a diet to maintain, treat yourself to a meal at Aji sushi. Our sushi restaurant in Issaquah has many delicious options for healthy, low-fat dining that will make you forget that you’re on a diet at all.