Dig In to Some Tuna!

At our Issaquah sushi restaurant, you can find many of your tuna favorites: albacore, bluefin, maguro, toro, and the classic spicy tuna roll are all on our menu.  There was a time when these amazing fish were the country’s number one favorite but, in recent years, they have lost their seat to the lowly shrimp.  This is, in a big part, due to the fears that arose around the revelation of the mercury content in certain cans of tuna.  However, Aji Sushi wants to remind you of the many merits of the amazing tuna fish.

Tuna is a fairly high-fat fish.  This sounds bad, but keep in mind that fish fat comes in the form of the crucial omega-3 nutrient.  It is also full of low-cholesterol protein, providing you with twenty-five grams of protein in only three ounces of meat.  Further, it’s a good source of nutrients like niacin, phosphorus, vitamin b12, and selenium.  These nutrients stabilize your blood sugar, bolster your immune system, and eliminate carcinogenic agents from your body.  Ultimately, the benefits of a proper, low-mercury serving of tuna fish far outweigh the possible drawbacks.