Chirashi: Sushi in a Bowl

Chef’s Choice – Chirashi Bowl

Do you ever wish that you could eat your sushi out of a bowl? If so, our Issaquah sushi restaurant has good news for you. Try ordering a bowl of our chef’s special chirashi bowl. This way, you can try assorted sushi all in one dish!

Everything in one

Chirashi sushi, or “scattered” sushi, comes in the form of a bowl of sushi rice topped with some form of seafood or vegetable. Usually this topping will be either seaweed or sashimi, giving you a real sushi taste in a convenient bowl form. Many sushi fans appreciate the versatility of a chirashi sushi bowl, in that they can alternatively eat their fish as sushi or as sashimi. Try it out for yourself at Aji Sushi & Grill in Issaquah!