Bibimbob: a Classic Korean Favorite

Have you ever heard of bibimbob? If you’ve never seen such a dish on a Japanese restaurant’s menu, it’s probably because it actually traces its roots back to Korea. Bibimbob (alternatively, bibimbap) comes recommended at our Issaquah Japanese restaurant to anybody who wants an easy introduction to Korean fare.

In Korean, the word “bibimbob” translates to “mixed rice”. Though it takes many forms, a traditional bibimbob consists of rice, vegetables, and meat combined in a bowl and topped with Korea’s famous chili pepper paste, sometimes with a fried egg on top. Before eating, you mix this melange together into a single, satisfying blend of flavors. The object should be to coat every surface in egg yolk and chili, so that each bite of your meal is a rich, savory delight. The result is a taste sensation that should not be missed!