Avocado: the Funny Fusion Fruit

Avocado is a common sight at our Japanese restaurant in Issaquah. Though native to Mexico, this unusual fruit first made its debut in the sushi world back when the dish was still an exotic oddity in the Americas. Sushi chefs in LA discovered its utility in simulating the feel of eating raw fish, thusly easing Americans into the concept. This was how they created the first California roll, and avocado has been a quintessential part of Japanese-American fusion ever since.

Apart from being a delicious addition to sushi rolls, avocado is also one of the planet’s healthiest foods. They contain over twenty-five important nutrients, including copper, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. Their surprisingly high levels of protein and iron have made them a long-time vegetarian favorite as a meat substitute. A diet rich in avocado can help you prevent heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, strokes, obesity, and even some forms of halitosis!

So take the trip down to Aji Sushi and Grill to fill your stomach with avocado today! We have a colorful selection of innovative fusion rolls to make every bite an experience you won’t forget!